Practical info The conspiracy

Practical info The conspiracy

Tripadvisor review score: 4,5/5 !

      When the night falls you can discover the mysterie of the Medieval Alden Biesen a castle surrounded by water and a beautiful French garden and English parc. Jan Decleir our best Belgian actor is sublime. Discover and enjoy this unique mysterie. A must-see attraction.

    thumb 1953mondam

      The Alden Biezen complex at night is already mysterious on his own right but lights and sounds -storytelling through tablets connecting virtual with the real world- make it a must visit attraction. It’s an outdoor activity in the dark accesible for young & old. Dress...More

    thumb Evy1972

      The light-effects were amazing, as was the sound. But the story didn't make any sense to me at all. They lost me halfway through it. Still, the scenery, the sound effects and the lights in itself make up for the visit.

    thumb 58sven

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