Due to COVID-19 measures, Bilzen Mysteries will be closed until further notice.

The Conspiracy

  1. Buy your gift voucher at the tourism office in Alden Biesen
  2. Can’t get to us? We’ll send your gift voucher by post! Send your request by email to info@bilzenmysteries.be
  3. Shipping costs €1,50 (ordinary post)
  4. Gift vouchers will only be sent after receipt of payment (by bank transfer) so please order in time!

The Story

  1. Haal je bon af bij het toeristisch onthaalcentrum in Alden Biesen.
  2. Buy your gift voucher via deze link and receive it in your mailbox or letter box*.

* Shipping costs €1,50 (ordinary post)

There’s lots more to do in Bilzen!

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