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Captivating sound and light promenade

Captivating sound and light promenade

Relive the rich history of the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen during a night-time multimedia walk packed with surprises. A feast for the senses, unique in Europe!



The Grand Commandery Alden Biesen is brimming with stories. Ancient secrets lurking in the darkness are brought back to life. With Bilzen Mysteries you experience the past of Alden Biesen as if you were there yourself!

Immerse yourself in the past!

With a tablet in your hand and headphones on your ears, you make an unprecedented multimedia journey through 800 years of history of the Teutonic Order.

From the Brethren Knights on crusade, over dancing nymphs in the romantic Temple of Minerva, to a devastating fire … Immerse yourself in the enchanting scenery of Alden Biesen and a fascinating story based on true events.


Your guide is Lord Biesen, the last owner of the castle. He knows the site inside out and reveals all the secrets of the Grand Commandery to you one at a time.

Video, sound and light effects thrill your senses and intensify the experience. The past has never been this exciting before.

Bilzen Mysteries: experience it for yourself during a spectacle of one hour and 20 minutes.

Lord Biesen: a special guide!

Lord Biesen was the last private owner of the Grand Commandery. Today he is your guide and narrator in Bilzen Mysteries. You meet him on 8 March 1971, the day that fate dealt Alden Biesen a terrible blow.
Everyone knew Squire Armand Roelants du Vivier as ‘Lord Biesen’. Throughout his life, he fought to maintain the massive property and keep it intact. Gardening, repairing roofs, fixing the plumbing … He did everything himself and no one could stop him.
You can recognise this charming eccentric by his raincoat, rubber boots and dilapidated moped!

The role of Lord Biesen is performed by Jan Decleir.

Tripadvisor review score: 4,5/5 !

      When the night falls you can discover the mysterie of the Medieval Alden Biesen a castle surrounded by water and a beautiful French garden and English parc. Jan Decleir our best Belgian actor is sublime. Discover and enjoy this unique mysterie. A must-see attraction.

    thumb 1953mondam

      A very interesting tour around and about the castle and its history with knights. Interesting information with colorful laser experience.

    thumb IvoJanssens

      Relive the rich history of the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen during a night-time multimedia walk packed with surprises.

    thumb Luc_Valvekens

Don’t mis this unique experience! 


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