Extra opening Thursday 26 April

On Thursday, April 26, we gladly welcome you from 9h30 p.m.

Captivating sound and light promenade

Relive the rich history of the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen during a night-time multimedia walk packed with surprises. A feast for the senses, unique in Europe!

You can experience Bilzen Mysteries in Dutch, French, English and German.

Jan Decleir
as Lord Biesen


Immerse yourself in the past!

The Grand Commandery Alden Biesen is brimming with stories. Ancient secrets lurking in the darkness are brought back to life. With Bilzen Mysteries you experience the past of Alden Biesen as if you were there yourself!


With a tablet in your hand and headphones on your ears, you make an unprecedented multimedia journey through 800 years of history of the Teutonic Order.

From the Brethren Knights on crusade, over dancing nymphs in the romantic Temple of Minerva, to a devastating fire ... Immerse yourself in the enchanting scenery of Alden Biesen and a fascinating story based on true events.

Your guide is Lord Biesen, the last owner of the castle. He knows the site inside out and reveals all the secrets of the Grand Commandery to you one at a time.

Video, sound and light effects thrill your senses and intensify the experience. The past has never been this exciting before.

Bilzen Mysteries: experience it for yourself during a spectacle of one hour and 20 minutes.

Lord Biesen awaits you...


Alden Biesen, around 800 years of history and mystery.

What do knights, monks, crusaders, dragons, rats, femmes fatales and an eccentric old gentleman have in common? Answer: Bilzen Mysteries.

The story of Alden Biesen actually starts in… the Middle East. Or more precisely, in the Promised Land – in Acre, Palestine – in 1190.
The Teutonic Order chooses Mary, mother of Jesus, as their patron saint. The order wants to disseminate and defend the Christian faith and constructs a defensive wall of ‘Grand Commanderies’ across Europe. Each Commandery controls another series of commanderies. In our region, the Teutonic Order chooses Alden Biesen, which itself controls 12 other commanderies stretching from Diest to Cologne. The Grand Commandery grows like many abbeys at the time into a symbol of power and splendour.

The Teutonic Order also wants to liberate the holy city of Jerusalem in order to guarantee safe passage for pilgrims. To do this, they embark on a series of crusades. In Bilzen Mysteries we see how the Brethren Knights leave on the Fifth Crusade to Damietta in Egypt. It is the beginning of the 13th century.

When the Teutonic Order sees that the crusades are unsuccessful, they turn their gaze on Eastern Europe, including Poland, where there are still many souls to be Christianized. But this adventure does not come without a struggle…

From the late Middle Ages, the order buries its battle-axes and swords and limits itself to defending Christendom. Until the French Revolution and the Enlightenment in 1794 bring an end to its authority. Alden Biesen is occupied by French revolutionary troops and publically sold. The estate falls into the hands of the Claes family. The 20th century and two World Wars do the Grand Commandery no favours and maintaining the estate costs money, a lot of money, which is no longer there.

A descendant of the Claes family, Squire Armand Roelants du Vivier, puts his heart and soul into saving the estate. But eventually he realizes that the estate cannot be saved by love alone. He is the last, lonely and somewhat eccentric inhabitant. In 1971, du Vivier decides to sell Alden Biesen.

However, on the day of the sale to the Flemish Government, fate strikes a terrible blow. A raging fire engulfs the castle.

Eventually, and after thorough restoration, everything turns out for the best and Alden Biesen rises again like a phoenix from the ashes.
The ashes of many centuries of good deeds but also of blood, sweat, tears, stories and… mysteries.

Main character





Ticket sales

Where can I buy tickets?

You can easily buy your tickets here.
If you buy your tickets online, you get a discount of 3 euro on the box office price per ticket.

Can I also buy a ticket at the box office in Alden Biesen?

It’s possible to buy tickets on the spot. However, keep in mind that there may be waiting time or no entry when maximum capacity is reached. 

I’ve bought a ticket online. How do I get in?

Very simple. After payment you will receive an email with a digital ticket attached. Print the ticket, bring it along and present it at the entrance of Bilzen Mysteries. There your ticket will be scanned, giving you access to the attraction.

What’s included in the entrance ticket?

Access to the attraction as well as rental of a tablet and headphones.

Are there reduced rates?

A discount of 3 euro will be given to children and young people (aged 6 to 18 years), students (on presentation of a student card), the disabled (on presentation of their “disability certificate”) and their carers, as well as senior citizens (aged 60 and over). 

Is it possible to book the attraction for a company event?

Certainly! Special requests are welcome via We will contact you as fast as possible! 

Is the attraction suitable for children?

Certainly! The shimmering tale is mysterious but very accessible for children aged about 6 years and up. That's also apparent from the way children experience the video walk: very focused and interested. Moreover, tablets hold no secrets for this generation. Especially for families, Bilzen Mysteries is open 7 days a week during the Belgian school holidays.

To refund or rebook my ticket

Tickets will not be refunded, nor rebooked to a different date.


How do I get to Alden Biesen?

Diversion due to roadworks:

  • From Hasselt or Liège (E313):
    Follow the signs to Hoeselt, turn left at the traffic lights and then follow the signposts to Alden Biesen.
  • From Munsterbilzen/Genk (N700):
    Follow the road until the second set of traffic lights; here, turn right in the direction of Bilzen. Follow the signs to Hoeselt, and from there follow the signposts to Alden Biesen.
  • From Lanaken/Maastricht (N2):
    At the traffic lights in Mopertingen, turn left onto the N758 in the direction of Spouwen/Tongeren. At the roundabout, take the second exit to stay on the N758 in the direction of Tongeren. After approximately 3 km, turn right onto Bammestraat direction Rijkhoven. From here, simply follow the main road until ‘Alden Biesen’.

Can I get to Alden Biesen by public transport?

Of course! Alden Biesen is 5 km from Bilzen railway station from where it is easy to reach by taxi.

Where can I park?

The Grand Commandery Alden Biesen has ample parking space. Parking is free, also for buses. Special parking places are available for the disabled.

Your visit

What are the opening days?

Bilzen Mysteries is open daily during Belgian holiday periods.
Outside holiday periods, our attraction is open from Friday to Monday.
It is also open on Wednesday and Thursday by reservation (for B2B).

Bilzen Mysteries is closed in September, on Tuesdays (except during the school holidays) as well as between the end of the Christmas holidays and the spring half-term. 

What are the opening times?

Bilzen Mysteries is open from sunset. In the summer months, our attraction is open until 1 am (last visit starts at midnight) and during the rest of the year until midnight (last visit starts at 11 pm).

How long does a visit to Bilzen Mysteries take?

A visit to our attraction takes approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes.
During the summer months the last visit starts at midnight and during the other months of the year, at 11 pm.

Is the site accessible for the disabled?

The walk is accessible for people with disabilities. To ensure a smooth visit of the attraction, we recommend wheelchair users should be accompanied. If the person accompanying the disabled visitor is unable to use a tablet during the visit, he/she gets in for free. Earphones with splitter will also be provided for free.

Are wheelchairs provided?

We have two wheelchairs available. Please check availability at

Are there special parking places for the disabled?


Are rucksacks allowed in the attraction?

Rucksacks and large bags are not permitted.

Is a visit to Bilzen Mysteries dependent on the weather?

Bilzen Mysteries is an outdoor attraction. Therefore, we recommend wearing appropriate clothing, as well as closed (walking) shoes because certain sections of the walk are through grassy areas.

Rain, wind and cold are not obstacles to fully experiencing Bilzen Mysteries. However, when the wind force is greater than 6 Beaufort we must unfortunately close the attraction.

Can I bring my dog?

Animals are amazing, but unfortunately not everyone is as fond of your four-legged friend as you are. Therefore, we kindly ask you to leave your pets at home. Guide dogs are always welcome.

What happens to lost property?

Lost property is kept at the entrance to Alden Biesen. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Send an email to with a description of what you have lost, when and where. If we find your lost property, we will contact you.

Is wireless Internet available during the walk?

No. But Bilzen Mysteries is so exciting you won’t miss the Internet during your visit.

Can I watch the programme on my own tablet?

This is not possible. You can only experience Bilzen Mysteries via our tablets.

Do I receive a discount if I share my tablet with another person?

We foresee one tablet per person. Moreover, only one set of headphones is provided per tablet.

What should I do to prepare for my visit?

  1. Bring your ID along with you as a deposit for the use of a tablet with earphones.
  2. Wear clothing that’s suitable for the weather and closed (walking) shoes. Whatever the weather, the attraction is open.
  3. Check again on our website before you leave for the latest updates.

How does the principle of the start time work?

Entry to the attraction is granted according to the start time stated on your ticket. Please adhere strictly to this start time. There’s no point in joining the queue much earlier.

More questions?

Do you have other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us via

Practical info


Bilzen Mysteries
Kasteelstraat 6
3740 Bilzen, Belgium

Voor vragen omtrent jouw reservatie en tickets kan je
terecht bij ticketmaster op het nummer 070 660 601 of via

Voor alle andere vragen en groepsreservaties*:
of +32 89 399 614**

*Groepen vanaf 20 personen.
**Tijdens onze kantooruren: maa-, din- en vrijdag van 13u-17u, donderdag van 9u-17u. Telkens één uur voor opening van Bilzen Mysteries. Indien u buiten deze uren belt, wordt u in de mate van het mogelijke verder geholpen door het toeristisch onthaal van Alden Biesen Bilzen.

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